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Luxury holidays, Luxury hotels, Luxury shopping, Great theatre, Great sport..............Great Britain

Shopping in London is easy - hundreds of the very best retailers selling luxury clothes, bags, shoes and jewellery all together in the West End.

Shopping, hotels, history, theatre, music, opera, architecture, museums, Premiership Football, exciting cities, green fields, hills, mountains, rivers, coastlines, spas, horse racing, castles, cathedrals, golf, polo……all enjoyed in perfect luxury in the UK! The one thing we can guarantee is that we will arrange the luxurious holiday of a lifetime that you and the special people in your life deserve.

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WOW Place! Superb Spa in historic country house setting

Often spa hotels turn out to be nothing more than a hundred or so bedrooms with a "leisure centre experience" complete with the usual, Ja...

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Great Britain is home to some of the most famous hotels in the world

£140 million will buy you Londons most expensive apartment

An apartment in London's One Hyde Park development has become the most valuable penthouse in the city after being sold for a reported £14...

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